Life chat: ” Couple’s happiness; your actions matter, also your words.”

He said just once:_” you are safe now, I will erase the sadness in your eyes and soul from inside out..”
Real men don’t speak twice.
She is in front of the mirror smiling to nothing in particular, shinning, jiggling like a child; sometimes in the street people think she is crazy while she goes, walking- dancing to the sound of the music inside her heart.

Even tho every person have the real source of self happiness inside, the cost of contributing to someone else’s joy is, most of the time, nothing.

In relationships this contribution matters more. Men as women sometimes blame on the other for his personal disgrace, without taking the time for feeding his/her couple’s soul. Love born, but must be watered with patience, trust, faith, recognition, giving value to the other person’s participation as same as we give it to ourselves, acceptance, tolerance… ; and should be harvested and renewed constantly.

We hear it everyday: “Love is more a verb than a noun. It doesn’t need to be proved. Constantly saying “I love you” doesn’t make it real. Love is a constant action, is a life attitude; is all the things you do, not just a saying”. We all AGREE 100% and above with that, but this doesn’t mean that you should assume that the other knows your feelings, and doesn’t allow you to stop being romantic or to stop saying how much you care (if it is true and sustained of course by the daily things that you do for the person by your side).

Preserving the best words, the flattering comments, the jokes, the flirting smiles for strangers, just to appear to be charming;  but forgetting that the person by our side needs to hear that we think she/he is beautiful, or not paying attention to details like not to say thanks for each small thing they do for us even if it’s part of the daily duties, is an attitude that will always lead to pain. “Candle of the street, darkness of his house” my grandma used to say.

It could be simple like saying out loud : ” I love that shoulder!” Yes, think of it. How many times you have told this to your wife, looking at her while she is or both are doing any house work, and her shoulder comes out a bit, shinning due to the sweating? Think deeply how awful  your life will be, if the day comes when you don’t see that shoulder in front of you or around the house anymore.

Do not limit the warm chat to that specific moment when you enjoy of the other’s body; I mean simple things: to observe each other, fall in love with the partner everyday, with that smile, with the way the fingers move while serving your food, with the warm hand holding you to help you to cross the street (even when you both know that there’s no need for that, because you are both strong, independent and sufficient, but you also don’t forget how nice is to remind them with actions that they are not alone, we are there.)

Putting aside the excessive ego and every selfish action, might make the life more easy and happy. It is ok to say “I am sorry” and also “I’m scared” if you really are. Our couple needs to know that we have weaknesses, that can make mistakes and take responsibility for it, and also apologize and do everything that it takes to fix our error. As same time they should be sure that we need of them same like they need us. With those actions we are letting them know that we trust on them enough to expose our fears, and that we believe in their capability to help us overcome our difficulties. This attitude will reinforce the connection.

If the persons complaining about their marriage do that, they for sure will not have the need to tell flattering things to any outsider, they will start fixing their path from inside the doors of the home they are building.

So yes, doing things for our person is a must, as same as saying how much we care, with sweet words that make them fall for us again.


“The 30s are here: prepare yourself for that promising future you’ve dream about!”

So you could say you enjoyed the early youth years; no limits, not thinking about tomorrow…

Everybody deserves to live that! No discussion!

But, there’s a point my friends, when we should start taking the first steps to guarantee our future health with a quality of life and to achieve the goal of being useful in the society we live. That point should certainly be: reaching the 30 and plus years old.

Naturally you can feel it: changes in the way of enjoying things, more responsibilities occupying your mind, less energy than before, less power of recovering than before, more need of a good rest, new and unexpected health problems and complaints, more difficulty to lose the gained weight …

Modern world gives us the power to live more, if we know how to use the information available, to take a good care about ourselves. But I tell you it is time to act now, so you avoid big complications later, because is not worthy a life without quality. It came the moment to foment your professional life without forgetting your health (physically and mentally speaking).

Make time for going to meet your doctor: Go for an annual check up and screening of diseases that the health care specialist might recommend. Early diagnosis and control is a way to avoid complications, disabilities and unexpected mortality…

A sedentary lifestyle might literally kill you; start thinking about exercising: it is a way of reaching a good weight, building muscles, improving our posture to avoid back problems that are very common and to keep your body active by going to a gym, practicing any sport, walking, jogging, riding bicycle, swimming; dedicating a couple of hours daily or twice or more/ week to learn any very active dance style could be a fun helpful option…

Taking all measures for keeping a desirable weight, not lower nor higher, can’t be out of your agenda. With this we guarantee a more productive life and it also reduces our risk for chronic medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and osteoporosis, kidney and liver conditions and even certain types of cancer…

Reduce the toxic habits as much as you can and quite on them if possible. Smoking is a silent killer. The alcohol intake should not be daily, or not exceed the recommended one…

Wear a sunscreen: you can’t keep treating your skin like if you are still a careless teenager. Skin cancer is real, also the aging effects due to the sun exposition!…

Eat a healthy diet: including plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean protein and low or no fat dairy products. Essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, such as iron, folic acid, calcium, potassium, B vitamins, vitamin D, fiber and healthy omega-3 fats, can help ensure good health for future days. We should limit our intake of processed foods and fast foods, take steps to reduce the amount of sodium (salt) in our diet.

If you are a woman, taking Folic Acid supplements is a must: you are in your fertile years, and this is proved to be good for you and your future descendants…

Always follow a health care provider’s recommendations for taking vitamin and/or mineral supplements. More than that, avoid self- medication under every circumstance; that’s a suicide practice!…

Take care of your sexual and reproductive health. By the time we reach our 30s, many of us are married or in a committed relationship, and if we haven’t started a family yet, we have certainly thought about it. Talk to your physician about safer sex and STD/HIV prevention, contraception, reproductive risks,  infertility, pregnancy and prenatal care…

Beware about depression: If you’ve been feeling down, not sleeping well for more than a few weeks, If your appetite has been affected, you’re not enjoying the activities you once did, you are feeling withdrawn or you are having thoughts about suicide, these are signs of depression, and they should not be ignored…

Train your mind and keep your mental health: Rest enough, sleep enough, drink enough water to keep your body functioning properly. Use mental training games and puzzles, make good use of the modern technologies to learn new things, find new hobbies, increase the knowledge in your career field and keep yourself up to date; read more, cultivate your general culture…

Take care about your image: you don’t need to become a super model, just be clean, dress appropriate to your age and to the occasion without excesses; improve your manners and formal civic education…

Your life matters; even Asian people say we can reach 120 years old (not a joke, they mean it!).

Think that without being in an adequate health status you can not carry out any of those life goals of yours. You did reach the 30 years old, it’s done, no more leaving important things for tomorrow. For certain you must still be yourself, but you can also become a better version of you!





Life chat: “Feelings make us human.”

He was told he should always be strong!

Strong, so that no trace of weakness is shown.

Strong, to help the others depending on him to keep standing and moving forward.

Strong, to prove to himself that he is able to defeat his own fears…

As a result people could say he did succeed; but by now, he just says he’s tired and lonely.


Alone, because he never allowed himself to say “stay, I need you”. He was not able to forgive that minimum error, that action that for him was meaningless, but those surrounding him will think he was soft if he accept and forget. He was not capable to express his love even when he felt it; “there is no time for stupid cheesy things” they would say.

Yes, he is tired and with this eternal sadness in the deep of his soul for not crying in the moment he was needing to do it, because that wasn’t a manly attitude.

Feelings make us human. Even our fears or our weaknesses.


It is better to disappoint others for a while, than acting like someone who you are not; it would be worst to betray your dreams and aspirations. In the end those who truly love you will stay and accept you. The others, will never matter.

Express whatever is inside of you! Do not repress yourself! Don’t tie your neck with the lace of what society or friends or relatives expect from you! All might finish in a blink, it’s the truth , it’s not just saying. It is your life, they have their own one.

Don’t feed your inner sadness!

One life.

Don’t realize of that when is too late.

Only One Life.


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“Recipe to health”

My aversion to pills ( yes, I dislike them even though I’m a doctor) and my love for naturalistic tendency as a way to treat many health problems, took me into a research to find a way for preventing myself of increasing the health problems I have to deal with, at a personal level.

Those are small isolated problems but, as any little thing, in addition, it might feel like a real sickness. Since I was a baby I can’t move stools daily, not even if I try it (there is a high psychological component on that but it’s a real disorder). I was found having kidney stones at age 18; gastritis is a family issue I’m living with since early adolescence; also premenstrual and  during period symptoms and recurrent pelvic congestion are a thing I deal with every month, even after I did delivery my baby.

So, tired of pain killers and laxatives and conventional therapies that ended up in other complications, or usually helped with one issue and increased the other one; I dedicated myself to find an answer in the nature. Read about herbs, condiments, minerals … ; tried many home remedies from countries I have been or not around the globe. It was interesting how ancient therapies were common to many different and very distanced cultures. That proved me how we are more connected as humanity than we regularly think.

The result of my study and using a trial- error technique,  was an infusion that it might be considered a detoxifying tea, with fat burning and colon cleansing properties. Amazingly, since the first week, I found myself moving stools on alternate days, instead of the 5 or more days period that I painfully used to do it. There was a change, as an evident diuretic effect (increased volume and frequency of urination) and  expulsion of like-sand substances in the first weeks; so that water was evidently cleaning my kidneys and urinary tract.

Previous to my period I can’t say that disappeared the pain or other signs, but my lower abdomen was looking more flat, and yes, there was less pain and the bleeding was normal since second day, not prolonged days with spots so there was evidently less inflammation or less congestion.

After the first month of regularly drinking this beverage, I was feeling more energetic, there was not recurrent heartburn, my appetite was better so I started eating more, and there was not excessive increase of weight; it seems like my digestions did improve and it was true that some of the components are fat burners as some studies promote.

There was not adverse reaction for me, so it was a suitable therapy in my particular case, that I can strongly recommend today except for those who has allergy to any of the components or for people with a health conditions where those are contraindications. But good news: you can eliminate any of the ingredients (except the water of course) and to obtain almost same results!


1 1/2 Liters boiling water

1 cube of 2 cm fresh ginger grated or sliced

1 cube of 1 cm fresh turmeric root sliced

A handful of mint

1 piece cinnamon stick or 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder

1 soup spoon honey

1 lemon divided  in quarters

Put all ingredients previously cleaned and processed as described in a 2 Liters pot and add the boiling water. Leave till cool or overnight then filter. Drink 1L of the preparation daily at the temperature you decide, as it is suitable cold, reheated in a pot or microwaved.

Some of the benefits of this remedy:

Ginger: helps with skin diseases; menstrual problems and pelvic inflammation; lows cholesterol levels; cleans liver and kidneys; relieves stomach and guts symptoms like: pain, nausea, vomiting, constipation. It might low your Blood Pressure and sugar levels, so you must not take it in excess if you have medication for these diseases, because together reduce too much the levels of blood sugar and blood pressure and bring complications; consult your doctor on that. Do not take during pregnancy, breastfeeding, if you have blood problems or coagulation disorders or previous to any surgery.

Turmeric: same like ginger, with same precautions but also turmeric can make gallbladder problems worse. Do not use turmeric if you have gallstones, a bile duct obstruction or Gastroesophageal reflux. Also use with precaution if you are a man currently wanting to have babies, as in excess  these roots mights reduce fertility temporary.

Mint: relaxing and relieve headache; for treating  skin problems; relief of menstrual disorders and gastric pain; reduce signs of Irritable Bowel Syndrome( colon disease). Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding or if you suffer from Gastroesophageal reflux. Consult your doctor to consume it together with treatment for Diabetes because have same effect reducing blood sugar.

Cinnamon: Menstrual problems, nausea, vomiting, high blood sugar, constipation, lowering blood sugar, fat burner, skin disorders, pelvic inflammation… But avoid it during pregnancy, breastfeeding, previous to surgery or if you have any Liver disease.

Honey: cleans your body and improves your defenses against diseases, expectorant, relief of gastrointestinal symptoms, skin problems, diuretic, fat burner. Precaution if allergy.

Lemon: to treat kidney stones, diuretic, antioxidant and improve body defence, treat respiratory problems… the contraindication is also allergy.

It is safe to drink this infusion for periods of at about 8 weeks then stop 2 months and back to drink it if you feel that you need it. It is intended for people older than 12 years old. The main contraindications for all the ingredients is to drink it excessively and allergies. This preparation is way lower than the basic doses so it’s in general within the safe rang; but always tell your doctor before taking a medication or remedy, more if you have any particular health condition. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are both special situations that require a consultation for taking any drug or even natural treatment.

It is not magic, but it is generally harmless; combined with a healthy life style it results to be a very helpful tool for weight loss and to improve your health status.


This is a suggestion based on known and studied properties of the components of the infusion and on the authors personal criteria. Always ask your doctor before to take any drug or natural remedy. 

“Doc, again with the magic answer?”

You might be thinking all doctors are crazy.

That could be fair, based on the many times you went to a clinic and they told you the same unbelievable thing, sometimes not even giving you any medication. “This doctor sucks!”, you surely thought.

As soon as you got pregnant you were advice that the water intake must be superior to 2 Liters daily. On that occasion you had flu and fever, he said you should drink water. When you spent 3 days not going to bathroom to do your number 1 and 2 properly: “Sir, you must drink more water!”. Same during that week of your persistent headache after the 15 days summer holidays. Also when you had stomach ache, and when you started training and got muscles pain and cramps; even during that episode of blurred vision without explanation: “Increase your fluids intake, specially water!”.

Tired of hearing this, you went back home, started watching television forgetting that the Doc did advice to rest your sight, then in the movie, the giant bear cut the guy’s belly and guts were out and blood, and screams, and the rescue team arrived in that helicopter and only thing you watch them do is to pass a watery infusion thru 2 veins and cover his guts with compresses soaked in WATER!!! Amazing! It’s like a conspiracy!

For sure some of you will think it’s hilarious. I mean, having the same recommendation for like… EVERYTHING?! Seriously?!

The fact is, my friends, that we are not out of our mind. Well, not regarding this matter at least. I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that our body is up to 60% water, more in infants and women, so for we properly functioning or to be energetic,  keeping our volume of this fluids within the correct rang is a must.

There’s no healthy life style without the proper water intake. That’s the first advice every serious physician, trainer, dietician or fitness guru will give you. If you drink it before meals for sure your digestion will improve, and your system will process every nutrient better; as a bonus, you will eat less due to the filling sensation that the drink provides.

We do the job of detoxing our body mainly throughout sweat, urine and bowels movements. By drinking few liquids  you interfere with those processes as you send the wrong message to your brain, interpreted like “do not waste water putting the trash out because we are low in fluids to keep the main organs functioning”. The brain reads that and responds consequently, then you are asking why are you getting that sick, why do you have persistent headache and doctors find nothing wrong; easy: you are full of chemicals and organic waste my friend!

Without our kidneys functioning correctly, there’s not body detoxifying, also no health. Protect your kidneys, do not make them work the double of hard because of your persistent low water intake. Even tho, prevent them of the formation of stones, clearing them of sodium, urea and many garbage substances, just by taking fluids and not retaining urine more than 3-4 hours.

If it’s about exercising, there is a loss of water by sweating and breathing and using it to make your body moves. Besides, you need energy and water can help, as you should have muscles in proper conditions, not dehydrated and fatigued. Dehydration makes you exhausted, bad mood and reduce your level of action. That goes for a mental activity too; the numbness and laziness that it provokes, will reduce your  performance and productivity. Even if u are not thirsty the body feels those effects before, so the advice is an early intake which means not to drink just before exercise, but keeping yourself properly hydrated always.

We minimize the power of this liquid. For example, I am sure that your skin is important for you, socially it is. Based on that, humans spend a lot of time and money taking care of it with creams, lotions, oils, cosmetics and medicines. Sadly most of the people minimize the importance of water to keep our skin with the  moisturize  young healthy appearance that we love to have.

I am definitely not encouraging you to walk out with a tank in your back. In fact, you can drink it directly but also you obtain it from food and juices and other beverages. Truly I agree with the fact that it is more healthy and safe to drink water. Artificial drinks add calories, mainly empty unhealthy calories of sugar, preservatives, colorants, caffeine and others to your diet, so if the question here is choosing the healthier style increase your water intake, drink natural juices and herbal tea and eat food with high water content, like many fruits, roots and vegetables.

If it results difficult and boring for you to drink water, develop a habit by using mobile tracker applications or setting alarms and reminders initially. Use marked bottles. Set a daily goal thru hours. If you hate plain water, learn to prepare tasty infused waters as learning new things is always fun, you can prepare it even with sparkling water, which is proven to not affect your health too.

Drink it before you eat, even if you are dining out, so you will eat less, help your digestion and contribute to your total daily intake. Push you to combined drinking; example if you are a coffee lover, make yourself drink water after that coffee, so combining it with your little “vices”, like this one or the glass of wine or beer after meals, you assure yourself of reaching the goal and cut the craving for more of your “guilty drink”.

Rise your body defences and be more healthy! Water: oxygenates and removes toxins from the blood, Increases Lymph production (substance of our immune system or defence), Cleans eyes, Cleans mouth, Moisturizes your skin, Helps digest food, Helps fight insomnia, Lubricates joints, Increases Serotonin Production ( an important element to fight depression).

All that is proven but we as humans, love to complicate all; so when the answer to our problem is simple, non costly and generally accessible, we consider it a not worthy thing to do.

But if you know the benefits why not to give it a try? Adding this habit to your healthy life style project will cost you nothing! Start from now! I mean worst things we do following the advice on internet! Mark the date and see the results after one month. If there’s no change, back to your regular low intake, but be honest to yourself doing your comparisons! I bet after watching your improving, you will not quite on. For sure you will end up doing what your crazy doctors always recommended: DRINKING MORE WATER!!



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Acknowledgment of receipt: “Intermittent Fasting; yes or no? “

Still wondering if the Intermittent Fasting nutritional variant is healthy and safe?

Wanting to know if it is a regimen suitable for you?

Well, it is an ancient human practice that we are rediscovering in this era of metabolic diseases and poisoning food. Despite of being a topic that is leading to hundreds of books(pros and cons), there are basic things that might help you to form an idea about it, so you can consider it or not.

First thing we must understand is that, intermittent fasting is not only one, but a group of schemes that pursue to help people in their struggling to lose weight( the main benefit of it) or to get engaged with a healthy nutritional style; so you can choose from any of these patterns of eating, that change your timing of food intake, not the content of your meals, leading your body to process each thing that you eat in a more optimal way. That’s why it’s being used in combination with the trendy balanced diets like ketogenic or Mediterranean.

These regimens are a good way to keep muscle mass while you are getting thin ; also to clean the body of toxins, improve your metabolism, protect and enhance your defence system and helps to reorganize or change the dietary style into a healthier one. Some studies concluded that, based on all these, it might extend your life in the process.

On the contrary of what people think, if we have no health conditions that might lead to a life threatening situation if fasting, our body can adapt to this easily. We already do it while we are sleeping, it will be just to extend  the number of hours when we wake up. You can certainly do fasting and exercising, on the condition of taking all the required nutrients  during the break fast hours; another thing is to be under a deep proffessional athlete training, which requires a controlled nutrition plan.

Explaining how it works, not with scientific words but speaking “human language” , we must say that immediately after we eat the levels of Insulin increase, it makes the sugar become a substance named glycogen to be stored in the liver. But this is a small storage, so when it is full the liver starts transforming the glycogen into fat, keeps a bit and sent the rest to be deposited in your belly, arms, legs, whenever, without limit of production and with relatively unlimited storage; as fat increase, your body increase with it so you can keep more and more. Of course other things happen in the process, but this is basically what you should know.

On the contrary, when we are fasting, that Insulin levels will fall, sending the order to your body to burn sugar and then fat, to obtain energy for any activity. The key and the difference between starvation and this process is the control. Starving is because of lack of food; in this one, you choose not to eat during certain period of time, and you break fast any time you want. So if you are balancing eating and fasting, there is no net weight gain.

Till now you can get that: we have the fed state(while we ingest food and use this energy at the moment) and the fasted state(while we are not taking food and using the energy from sugar or fat that we have storage). Intermittent fasting is no more than to prolong the second one to allow our body to burn that saved energy sources. 

These are The physical benefits of fasting: 

The most popular schemes are the shorter ones(<24 hours)


This involves daily fasting for 16 hours. Sometimes this is also referred to as an 8-hour eating ‘window’. You eat all your meals within an 8-hour time period and fast for the remaining 16 hours. Generally, this is done daily or almost daily. For example, you may eat all your meals within the time period of 12:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Normally this means skipping the early breakfast and you generally eat two or three meals within this 8-hour period. It is the most used and accepted form of Intermittent fasting.


This involves a 4-hour eating window and a 20-hour fast. For example, you might eat between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm every day and fast for the other 20 hours. Generally, this would involve eating either one meal or two smaller meals within this period.

Longer fasts (>24 hours)

24-hour fasts

This involves fasting from dinner to dinner (or lunch to lunch). If you eat dinner on day 1, you would skip the next day’s breakfast and lunch and eat dinner again on day 2. This means that you are still eating daily, but only once during that day. This would generally be done two to three times per week.

5:2 fast

The recognized specialist Dr. Michael Mosley popularized this variation in his book ‘The Fast Diet’. This involves 5 regular eating days and 2 fasting days, during which it is permitted to eat 500 calories on each day, that can be consumed any time during the day.

36-hour fasts

This involves fasting for the entire day. For example, if you eat dinner on day 1, you would fast for all of day 2 and not eat again until breakfast on day 3. This is generally 36 hours of fasting. This provides more powerful fast weight loss benefit, based on the fat burning that increase after 24 hrs approximately, and avoid tentation of overeating on day 2.

Extended fasting. Here is where the cons come.

The specialist on Fasting say that we can fast almost indefinitely and for fasts greater than 48 hours, they recommend a general multivitamin to avoid micronutrients deficiency. The world record for fasting is 382 days, so going 7-14 days would be certainly possible.

However many experts on this matters discourage people from fasting for more than 14 days due to high risk of re-feeding syndrome (a condition that manifests the signs of lower phosphates, calcium and other nutrients that have been drained from your bones, muscles and blood) and re-feeding edema because if Intermittent Fasting is excessive, it might restricts energy and protein, there’s a real risk of nutrient deficiencies, electrolyte abnormalities, and issues with fertility and reproduction in women. Due to that, they recommend the short-term fasting schedules and leaving the prolonged ones for when a supervised fast weight loss is needed.  I agree, as any situation that stress your body during a prolongued time, may have  non desirable consequences. 

Knowing who should NOT fast is a crucial topic:

  • Underweight (BMI < 18.5) or any malnourished by defect.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding– you need extra nutrients for your child.
  • A child under 18 – you need extra nutrients to grow.
  • Liver and kidneys insufficiency.
  • Weakening diseases like cancer, HIV/AIDS.
  • History of eating disorders or easy fainting due to lowering of blood sugar.
  • Acute health conditions(to be currently sick) and non controlled chronic diseases.

In other situations you can do it only with precaution and under medical supervision, like when having controlled Diabetes Mellitus, Gout or high uric acid and while taking prescription medication.

Advices from the majority of the specialists, for any person up to practice Intermittent fasting: to do the breakfast gently, with balanced food according to the nutritionists recent guidelines. Keep yourself well hydrated, water, tea, those are allowed. Do not fall for the over sleeping habit, be normally active, don’t change your daily life schedule. It is controversial, but many experts agree that patients shouldn’t use this methods for a prolonged time to avoid complications like mismatching your organism and altering your metabolism producing a contrary effect. 

Not all the latest clothes design will suit everybody, the same happens with treatments and trendy nourishment advices. Every nutritional style or habit, or any dietary regime must be personalized and supervised by a specialist.



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Follow this link for a list of books about the theme

Living alone abroad: “Back to work might be easy if you just dare!”

“Operation bikini”: finished!

“Six pack” summer plan: ended!

Back to work 100%: exhausting!

Well. It doesn’t have to be like that! I meant, it wasn’t necessarily like that. You ended up, once again, dedicating many hours to your leisure and for sure there were lots of transgressions on your schedule in the name of a merely and well deserved fun; because it was vacations, or at least relaxation time. You also ate more than you planned and/or drank more than you thought you will.


Now I can tell you how to keep moving on, without letting the back to work interfering with the idea of also returning to healthy mode and, above all, how to make it smoothly so you remove the “I’m exhausted” variable from your equation.

You don’t have to say it, we humans are pretty much the same, so I know that the last period for sure got you changing your daily routine, sleeping whenever, eating whatever… Well, it is time to change that! Reorganize and reset your brain to sleep at one determined hour. It will be not as difficult as you think. Turn off your phone one hour before the marked sleep time. Take some warm milk and a whole grain biscuit, or a red fruits and berries snack, put some soft calmed music… the important aspect here is to create a pre-sleeping routine that your brain will associate with the time of reaching dreamland. Doing this with discipline, within a couple of weeks, you should be able to get on bed on time, so you will wake up with enough energy to face your day.

Reaching a desirable level of activity is a must. But don’t think about it like being only a gym rat, to be active is more than lifting; hold your insults!, not saying that there’s something wrong with it, but I’m pretty sure there are nice safe places where you can run, ride bicycle or walk, from time to time, during the less hot hours of these last summer days; listening to your preferable music, breathing outside. And guess what? You can still swim even if hot weather is at about to end! Any of those activities will fill you of good positive energy; also help you to clear your mind and to watch things from another perspective, joining all the variables, to face that office dilemma that is bothering you, because your mind is still not full focused after all that fun and entertainment of the sunny season.

Always the healthy diet pointBalanced food following the latest nutritional standards, and controlled portions, are the two basics on this matter. Your brain needs all the nutrients to work properly. Recovering from the numbness of the recent summer period will make your mind work hardly to reach the level of efficiency you desire at work. Eat well, don’t jump over any meal time; if you are a fan of the most restrictive intermittent fasting methods to keep your desirable weight, you might wanna think about leave it for a posterior time, when you feel 100% at your level, mentally and physically. If you think that it is a must,  you can still stop eating after 8:00 pm till 7:00 am, taking only detoxifying tea or any fluid during this period.

Hydrate your body and brain, protect the kidneys, help your organism to eliminate all those chemicals and bad substances that are making you tired, sick and slow. It is an easy step. The old magic trick: to drink enough water!

screenshot_20180911-000900_google3900970417483479026.jpgThink positive. If you are constantly feeling that first day of the week sucks and reaching the last day is your only impulse, you might start reconsidering this job decision. It is a complicating thing, I know. But at least think about getting a hobby or distracting your mind with other activities but this work that you dislike.

Change the image you have in your mind called “End of the Summer”. That, is only an expression! You can always have fun! You can always do things that you love, like calling and meeting friends or to visit places; maybe not as travelling far like during vacations, but, do you know the city you are living at completely? What about that weird market with the local artisanal things behind the glass, that you pass by everyday in the way from work to home, without to stop? There is nobody that you would like to take there?

 Thinking and saying all the time that you are extremely tired is not the solution. Make time to read, for learning  new things. Try cooking or drawing and painting even if you are not an expert. Explore yourself, and your surrounding. Build and live stories during your free time, to tell to your buddies at the office at lunch time.

One last thing. It is pretty obvious but we forget about it as we are so immersed in the sea of our daily work and financial problems. It is also the main thing: you are not here just existing, you must  LIVE my dear friend! Not during one season marked by the position of the Sun and our planet, not during your holidays ordered by a job contract, but everyday. Live! If you have a life for sure you are gonna smile and see no difference when summer start closing its doors, because your priorities are gonna still be set as your life first, then the rest, even if the order of the things you do change a bit from one season to another.



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Essence Of Happiness

“Life chat: spreading misconceptions, feeding stereotypes.”


“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

I remember that friend saying he had a good time in Cuba, “incredibly well,” he said. I was happy and proud of what I was hearing. You see, we Cubans, despite what we live or suffer,  no matter where the life circumstances took us, we deeply love our land.

So I was feeling flattered, until suddenly everything changed in his conversation. He began to tell others about his experience when he requested to visit “certain places” in the Island. More than talking about other things he did or sharing nice locations he visited, he recommended the country as a great zone of tolerance.


There were others listening to him, people who did not even know that Cuba existed or where was located, till they met me, some decent guys, women, mothers; forming a bad concept based on his words, hating the idea of ​​going to my country thinking, according to the description of that experience, that the easy and safe access to the underworld was the main attraction of my beloved Island.

I could not stand it. A place with rich both, culture and nature. A land with incredible people! A nation of fighters! I really could not!

I stopped him saying: “wherever you go, what you get and what you find will depend a lot on what you are looking for; but mainly on what you carry in your heart and on who you really are deep inside of you…”





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