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“Hair do”

She did cut her hair. The new look was amazing, and she was like  hovering around, fullfilings daily tasks with a new smile and a renewed liveliness; careless of the inquisitive looks or the judgemental gestures. Truth is she didn't actually care. That new unapologetic glam was showing the real meaning of not to give… Continue reading “Hair do”


Three voices

  "I can't stand my bed anymore!How stupid I was before, wishing that all my days were like Sundays! There is no game, movie or social media that's able to entertain me. I want to go out, I have to go out! I mean, it's my civil right! People die every day and it is… Continue reading Three voices


OH!, mighty dirty society of us…

Well, it results that in this already walking super advanced-techno-dependent XXI Century, has to come this Virus to throw us in the face how dirty we are!! It is not the worst and not the most easily communicable virus; just one that could have been controlled simply by being civilized and clean but... guess what:… Continue reading OH!, mighty dirty society of us…


“I went to Hogwarts”

For real. I did! Or I guess that’s what many patients think. Sometimes even I get confused of which my Alma Mater was. .  This is another end-of-the-duty story, during my first years post grafuation; when my patience was not even near to grow up.  As usual, everything starts with ”The Patient”. A 46 years old… Continue reading “I went to Hogwarts”


Inherited Sarcasm

Oh! kids and their honesty! Everyone near or related to a child has one or some awkward stories involving him. But is harder when it is starred by your own son, because you find yourself debating between laughing or killing him or eating him, you can not decide; so most of the time, you will… Continue reading Inherited Sarcasm


”Summer nightmare”

So the summer is here! Basically you realize that till now you don't lose that weight you wanted and that there are many goals you have not achieve, yet you try to cheat yourself. ''Well I really can reassess those goals so I can enjoy this summer plenty''. And that's what you do. After all,… Continue reading ”Summer nightmare”


“Up and down”

Friends, do you find medical language difficult to understand most of the time? Well don't feel sad, even for us doctors it is a hard thing sometimes; that's the reason why we try to avoid using it when talking to our patients, and when is inevitable at least we must explain better to them what's… Continue reading “Up and down”



Seats of waiting rooms are not comfortable. That is a real fact, especially in health centres. No matter how fancy, or expensive, or old and not good looking the place is, in the waiting room of a clinic, you will never be comfortable. If it's not too small, could be very cold, or even in… Continue reading ”THE WAITING”


“The shrimps”

I swear this is not about food! It is not, although you my friends know how much I like cooking and experimenting with international cuisine. And seafood Oh Lord! If there's something to eat in heaven certainly that is seafood! Wait, let me grab a snack and continue. That's it. Back to the point. No… Continue reading “The shrimps”


“The two towers dilemma”.

I was having a very ''slow mind'' day. But let's be honest, He was a well educated professor, very talkative, charming, extroverted, seemed to be open minded. How would I think...? wait, it happens. You will see. It was on my third week as a family practitioner, in my office; I was not still graduated.… Continue reading “The two towers dilemma”.