“Weight maintenance: excess is bad, same is the defect”

Obesity have been one of the main health problems since the end of last  millennium. Alarmed by the overload of information and advertisements spread on every media, we have developed a fitness fever all over the globe. But sometimes the actions taken are, first, based on not strong reasons and in second place are taken… Continue reading “Weight maintenance: excess is bad, same is the defect”

Life chat: “Truly you”

Nothing reinforces the idea of what you really wanna accomplish, more than the vision of what you definitely don't want do. Experimenting failure or watching yourself implementing something totally opposite of what you truly desire, will always mark a turning point in your life. What am I doing here? Where did I lose myself? Why… Continue reading Life chat: “Truly you”

Acknowledgment of receipt: “Abstract”

Re-educating ourselves to be more healthy is a long-term process... There are many tips we can give to our friends trying to get fit, or wanting to regain a healthy shape, despite of the fact that a consultation with a General Doctor or even better a Nutrition Specialist, previous to start any diet or exercise… Continue reading Acknowledgment of receipt: “Abstract”

Life chat: ” Couple’s happiness; your actions matter, also your words.”

He said just once:_" you are safe now, I will erase the sadness in your eyes and soul from inside out.." Real men don't speak twice. She is in front of the mirror smiling to nothing in particular, shinning, jiggling like a child; sometimes in the street people think she is crazy while she goes, walking- dancing… Continue reading Life chat: ” Couple’s happiness; your actions matter, also your words.”

“The 30s are here: prepare yourself for that promising future you’ve dream about!”

So you could say you enjoyed the early youth years; no limits, not thinking about tomorrow... Everybody deserves to live that! No discussion! But, there's a point my friends, when we should start taking the first steps to guarantee our future health with a quality of life and to achieve the goal of being useful… Continue reading “The 30s are here: prepare yourself for that promising future you’ve dream about!”

Life chat: “Feelings make us human.”

He was told he should always be strong! Strong, so that no trace of weakness is shown. Strong, to help the others depending on him to keep standing and moving forward. Strong, to prove to himself that he is able to defeat his own fears... As a result people could say he did succeed; but… Continue reading Life chat: “Feelings make us human.”

“Recipe to health”

My aversion to pills ( yes, I dislike them even though I'm a doctor) and my love for naturalistic tendency as a way to treat many health problems, took me into a research to find a way for preventing myself of increasing the health problems I have to deal with, at a personal level. Those… Continue reading “Recipe to health”

“Doc, again with the magic answer?”

You might be thinking all doctors are crazy. That could be fair, based on the many times you went to a clinic and they told you the same unbelievable thing, sometimes not even giving you any medication. "This doctor sucks!", you surely thought. As soon as you got pregnant you were advice that the water… Continue reading “Doc, again with the magic answer?”