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Life chat: ” Love yourself; the rest will come.”


Smart advice of the day, sisters: “If having love issues, never get more sad, get more beautiful instead!!

And I don’t mean only external beauty. I’m talking about  spending that precious new free time on yourself , on growing yourself and upgrading to your next best version; instead on increasing your tears, or feeding those useless self-pity  feelings.

We are not being loved in the way we deserve? Well, don’t seat to be miserable! Lets talk about it, lets try to solve it, lets see the changes! Try everything, because of course we get into relationships hoping to be for ever after, or at least as long lasting as we can make them be. Breath and step aside putting a bit of distance between you and the cause of your pain, but in a place from where he can see your bright light shining more and more with every improvement. Confidence, self esteem, loving yourself in first place. Those are the keys. None will love you if you first don’t.

But, after reaching that point where you did your best and above and no changes, walk away and move on! We women have to live in a rush today. There is no time for extending our mourning period for things that we can’t control, like other people’s feelings regarding us, for example. Difficult? Well, maybe; but indeed not impossible.

Love yourself and be better you every day!







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2 thoughts on “Life chat: ” Love yourself; the rest will come.””

  1. Beautiful and inspiring, we do need to love ourselves first , because if we didnt we cant give true love.

    Thanks for sharing this DD , i truly adore the article.

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