Eat to live

Eat to live: “We are what we eat”.

“You are what you eat” Did you ever hear that?

Well I can certainly agree with that statement in a high percent.

Biologically speaking (but in human language) as we are always changing and repairing our body, replacing the dead cells that expired for new ones, we need materials to do that and we get them from food in the form of nutrients (protein, carbs, vitamins, fats, Calcium, Iron and the rest of chemical elements…) To constantly rebuild from your skin and hair to your muscles, bones, blood, digestive and immune systems, all your body; I’m sure you are gonna want use the best stuff ever. I mean, it’s the only body that you have, right?!

What would happen if we try to make a construction with sand where the waves can reach it? What if we built a house with only cardboards and plastic bags? Well for sure you agree that it’s not a pretty good idea if we wanted it to endure.

So, with our body happens pretty much the same. If you are repairing yourself with the few and low-quality products coming from processing junk food, then you will be sickening yourself.


As simple as: “eating good food, is a guarantee of good health”.

Of course we are more than that. Is a big true that our health-sickness process is determined by biogenetic factors as much as sociopolitical, psychological and environmental variables (big words, but pretty clear); but if you are a human being for sure you have been sick at least once, even mildly, right? So for sure you can recall that one of the first things we doctors recommend to recover the health are related to your dietary regimen. Invariable procedure, because it is a must. From a flu, to Diabetes or any Heart Condition till Cancer; the nutritional indications remain since old times till modern medicine as more than a simple advice, but as part of the therapy.

So important it is, that in cases like for example chronic or metabolic conditions(diabetes, obesity, deficit of proteins like celiac disease…) there is no success of any drug therapy without an adequate diet regimen, and in certain stages a good nutrition is the only required treatment.

Yes, you are what you eat!

Pretty sure that of the health complaints that you have now or the symptoms that you occasionally or recurrently experience, at about the 50% or more will disappear if you eat good quality food in a proper amount. Also if you combine this with a healthy life style in general: boom! You made it to a better life and ensured a healthy aging process!!




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4 thoughts on “Eat to live: “We are what we eat”.”

      1. Very true. I remember the comment about “funeral home fans.” Anyone whom has been in an old country church can remember those fans; they’re precious to our memories. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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