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Life chat: “Truly you”

Nothing reinforces the idea of what you really wanna accomplish, more than the vision of what you definitely don’t want do.

Experimenting failure or watching yourself implementing something totally opposite of what you truly desire, will always mark a turning point in your life.

What am I doing here? Where did I lose myself? Why am I killing my illusions and hopes this way? How did I become this person that hates his own essence? How am I being able to transgress all what I always understood as  productive to my personal growing? This is not me. This is what others expect but it’s just an imitation of life what I’m living. I’m dry and unmotivated…

Whenever we start questioning our status and not even being able to stand who we are, or how we look, or the way we act in front of others; we will definitely reassess our goals then start taking the necessary actions to fill our expectations. Acceptance is the key: Accept, understand, process and move on.

That’s the moment when you start taking high risks while in your 180 degrees turning journey; but you seem happy and you shine, even if people doesn’t understand you. And it doesn’t matter because in the end those who truly love you will be there standing by your side, even if they disagree with you, and you will attract only quality people into your circle; it will be a nice way to get rid of negative toxic persons pulling you back and trying to turn you down.

It will be your life,  following the direction that is gonna help you pursuit your goals. Not thinking about if others will consider you good or enough , and not asking for the world’s approval. You will love and take more care of yourself after recognize that you have to be healthy to fulfil whatever you want, so you will work for it. Then feeling good will make you wanna look good too. It is a win-win investment.

That’s the power earned by taking the decision of truly living, of standing for what you are or whatever you honestly want, of strengthening your faith and self-confidence.  You will stop justifying yourself, not feeling the need to impress others or of giving excuses and apologizing for everything, or the craving for recognition, which are very exhausting practices. You’re gonna have energy to start giving the maximum if you think that’s a worthy cause. The results after every single thing you do, will be an expression of who you are. A totally satisfying sensation!


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