Living alone abroad

Living alone abroad: “Back to work might be easy if you just dare!”

“Operation bikini”: finished!

“Six pack” summer plan: ended!

Back to work 100%: exhausting!

Well. It doesn’t have to be like that! I meant, it wasn’t necessarily like that. You ended up, once again, dedicating many hours to your leisure and for sure there were lots of transgressions on your schedule in the name of a merely and well deserved fun; because it was vacations, or at least relaxation time. You also ate more than you planned and/or drank more than you thought you will.


Now I can tell you how to keep moving on, without letting the back to work interfering with the idea of also returning to healthy mode and, above all, how to make it smoothly so you remove the “I’m exhausted” variable from your equation.

You don’t have to say it, we humans are pretty much the same, so I know that the last period for sure got you changing your daily routine, sleeping whenever, eating whatever… Well, it is time to change that! Reorganize and reset your brain to sleep at one determined hour. It will be not as difficult as you think. Turn off your phone one hour before the marked sleep time. Take some warm milk and a whole grain biscuit, or a red fruits and berries snack, put some soft calmed music… the important aspect here is to create a pre-sleeping routine that your brain will associate with the time of reaching dreamland. Doing this with discipline, within a couple of weeks, you should be able to get on bed on time, so you will wake up with enough energy to face your day.

Reaching a desirable level of activity is a must. But don’t think about it like being only a gym rat, to be active is more than lifting; hold your insults!, not saying that there’s something wrong with it, but I’m pretty sure there are nice safe places where you can run, ride bicycle or walk, from time to time, during the less hot hours of these last summer days; listening to your preferable music, breathing outside. And guess what? You can still swim even if hot weather is at about to end! Any of those activities will fill you of good positive energy; also help you to clear your mind and to watch things from another perspective, joining all the variables, to face that office dilemma that is bothering you, because your mind is still not full focused after all that fun and entertainment of the sunny season.

Always the healthy diet pointBalanced food following the latest nutritional standards, and controlled portions, are the two basics on this matter. Your brain needs all the nutrients to work properly. Recovering from the numbness of the recent summer period will make your mind work hardly to reach the level of efficiency you desire at work. Eat well, don’t jump over any meal time; if you are a fan of the most restrictive intermittent fasting methods to keep your desirable weight, you might wanna think about leave it for a posterior time, when you feel 100% at your level, mentally and physically. If you think that it is a must,  you can still stop eating after 8:00 pm till 7:00 am, taking only detoxifying tea or any fluid during this period.

Hydrate your body and brain, protect the kidneys, help your organism to eliminate all those chemicals and bad substances that are making you tired, sick and slow. It is an easy step. The old magic trick: to drink enough water!

screenshot_20180911-000900_google3900970417483479026.jpgThink positive. If you are constantly feeling that first day of the week sucks and reaching the last day is your only impulse, you might start reconsidering this job decision. It is a complicating thing, I know. But at least think about getting a hobby or distracting your mind with other activities but this work that you dislike.

Change the image you have in your mind called “End of the Summer”. That, is only an expression! You can always have fun! You can always do things that you love, like calling and meeting friends or to visit places; maybe not as travelling far like during vacations, but, do you know the city you are living at completely? What about that weird market with the local artisanal things behind the glass, that you pass by everyday in the way from work to home, without to stop? There is nobody that you would like to take there?

 Thinking and saying all the time that you are extremely tired is not the solution. Make time to read, for learning  new things. Try cooking or drawing and painting even if you are not an expert. Explore yourself, and your surrounding. Build and live stories during your free time, to tell to your buddies at the office at lunch time.

One last thing. It is pretty obvious but we forget about it as we are so immersed in the sea of our daily work and financial problems. It is also the main thing: you are not here just existing, you must  LIVE my dear friend! Not during one season marked by the position of the Sun and our planet, not during your holidays ordered by a job contract, but everyday. Live! If you have a life for sure you are gonna smile and see no difference when summer start closing its doors, because your priorities are gonna still be set as your life first, then the rest, even if the order of the things you do change a bit from one season to another.



Art from:

Essence Of Happiness

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