Life chat

“Life chat: spreading misconceptions, feeding stereotypes.”


“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

I remember that friend saying he had a good time in Cuba, “incredibly well,” he said. I was happy and proud of what I was hearing. You see, we Cubans, despite what we live or suffer,  no matter where the life circumstances took us, we deeply love our land.

So I was feeling flattered, until suddenly everything changed in his conversation. He began to tell others about his experience when he requested to visit “certain places” in the Island. More than talking about other things he did or sharing nice locations he visited, he recommended the country as a great zone of tolerance.


There were others listening to him, people who did not even know that Cuba existed or where was located, till they met me, some decent guys, women, mothers; forming a bad concept based on his words, hating the idea of ​​going to my country thinking, according to the description of that experience, that the easy and safe access to the underworld was the main attraction of my beloved Island.

I could not stand it. A place with rich both, culture and nature. A land with incredible people! A nation of fighters! I really could not!

I stopped him saying: “wherever you go, what you get and what you find will depend a lot on what you are looking for; but mainly on what you carry in your heart and on who you really are deep inside of you…”





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