Life chat

Life chat: ” From where heartless monsters come from.”

How to creat a careless lover? Were they a normal person, with feelings and able to think about others once?

See what you are doing now. Just three days with him and you are saying that you love him?! You are an extremely strong confident woman, older than him, and you are being selfish.

For sure you mean that you like him. It must be just a deep attraction and feeling that you want this particular person too much. It is also a genuine feeling; but, is it love? No!

Love is another thing.

Love is a deep thing!

Loving something means you learned to know it from all its edges and faces, even from the scratches and broken tips. It means that this particular object is involved with your life in a level that it will be difficult( not saying impossible) but indeed very difficult and painful, to deal with a life without it.

You might think: “To Like? To love? Who cares about meanings or definitions?” Well, we all do!

When we are in love, we certainly care, our mind cares, also our heart, our self-esteem cares. Receiving less than what we give, sentimentally speaking, is very exhausting and painful. That old popular saying of “between 2, if one is in love, it is enough” will take the person that is giving the most, thru a heartbreaking path.

Some people easily tell lies and step on others feelings, maybe subconsciously but most of the time with treachery, to satisfy their ego or a specific need. Selfish attitude! What about the receiver of your lies? That person there, is believing everything you say or appear to feel, and falling for a total ghost.

Then, whenever you get tired of it, you will be able to disappear, to move on. But they get stuck, surprised, questioning themselves, self judging, wondering what they did wrong…


From that experience some people could come out stronger, mature, ready to do not behave like the person who did hurt them, because they know how it feels. But, unfortunately, most of the time, from the ashes of a dishonest relationship situation, might born a heartless monster.






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