Health to know.


Negation is our first psychological protection, and I mean in every matter.

We fall on this in an explicit way, simply saying that this event is not happening or it didn’t happen; or implicit, admitting verbally the situation but behaving like if it never occurred.

I was on a not-explicit negation.screenshot_20180828-193850_instagram1738592081214564362.jpg

I remember the exact day I came out of this. That afternoon I walked out thru the door of my favorite store with a couple of jeans 2 sizes bigger than my regular, with a set of bras 2 sizes superior. After arriving home I found myself asking to the mirror how did this happen?! How could I be wearing such a big size?! What did I do to reach this point?! Yes I was feeling shortness of breath sometimes, with this lazy mood, but for sure it was the heat; yeah, sure, with air conditioners even in bathrooms but, ”the heat is out there”, right?! For sure I knew I was a bit more chubby than regular but not a big deal; my diet is normal! I mean, this sizes must be wrong!!

That was me, behaving like if I wasn’t fat even knowing that I was: NEGATION!

I started my music playlist, the one of the crucial moments, and asked Sinatra what was wrong, and with every note of ”My way” the courting started to disappear. I found myself laughing in front of the stove. Woman what are you asking about??!! A person of 156cm height eating for example  one kg of mixed grill(french fries included) at 2am and then sleeping, not doing any physical activity next day,  what else would you expect. An overweight of 6 kg was nothing! Say thanks to your metabolism or you will be rolling instead of walking to your destiny!

And that was it!

We lie to ourself all the time! Many studies agree that people need help to admit that their diet is unhealthy, or they are overeating, or that their life style is the cause of the overweight; that they should find the cause on themselves other than in external things. ”I do not eat fast food” they say; yeah but what about that plate of potatoes, plus rice, plus bread (not counting the rest) that you ate last night?, or that packaged diet frozen meal, full of preservatives and other chemicals creating confusion on your metabolism? Did you check what you have been eating lately, read the little letters behind your food package, you will be surprised! You ate your green salad, but, what did you put in the dressing?

What do you say about sugar? Do you know what’s the healthy daily amount? I bet you don’t, this fight against sugar as a dangerous agent, at the level of fat or worst,  is recent. Yes there’s a limit: less than 40g/day for women and 50-60g for men. Problem is not don’t to take sugar directly, is not only avoiding those that you call ”sweets”; but learning to recognize what food can be transformed in a bigger amount than that, like the non healthy carbs.

Another thing is to recognize we are not exercising enough. Don’t overestimate your activity. Yes you do housework and you walk inside the office but, come one!We all know that walking around then seat for your coffee and 20h  in front of your computer or mobile is not an activity that you should count.

Deceiving ourselves so we don’t have to take responsibility with, not saying about losing weight, but with our health, lead us to overeating. ”Lets watch movies”.”Yes I’ll bring the potato chips” Then we are not hungry but we eat even the salt in the bottom of the package. It is not eating time, it is not a dish, but it’s food too; as same as the cake batter in the bowl or the skin of the chicken and the rest in the bottom of the soft drink bottle.

You should understand that reaching a desirable weight is a minor objective, but to be healthy is the final line. The path to the right eating, as part of a healthy life style is long. Stopping denial  is one of the first steps; as it is creating a commitment with your health. To admit all you are doing wrong comes before setting goals regarding your weight or your muscular shape. There will be no advance without setting your mind into it.


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