Life chat

Life chat:” Without fearing to be wrong”


Not any school, not a master, nothing will teach you more and better than your own mistakes!

That’s another reason why you have to dare doing those things you have been molding and caressing in your mind for long time by now.

Question yourself, what are you scared of?

We have only one life, and all could finishes in a blink. I know you heard that a lot but, have you ever seriously put your brain on analysing that fact, for real? I mean, sit for a while and start thinking how many years have passed since that particular idea was born in your mind? What did you achieve till now? What do you want to do? How long do you think it could take you? Now let your mind to picture the lot of occasions you did postpone it. How many years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds did you lose by now? Count them!! Do some maths for a while!! I’m sure the results will be an overwhelmingly fact.

How do you feel about all this? Isn’t it to be inside your safety box, behind your fears, worst than give it a try even if you fail? More than anything, if it’s something that you want that much and knowing that you could focus on it, don’t you think you would eventually succeed? What makes you don’t believe in yourself? Which are your excuses?


When will you start taking action? Even if u don’t finish your journey in a lifetime, you will enjoy the ride because that’s something you really wanna do; not by any law, or duty, or imposition, but because of you love it and want it.

Failure? Ok, it’s a possibility but, right after, you will know how not to do it and you can redirect your strategies. And what is better, you might find yourself creating a total different and new thing because of that “failure”. You have many examples: penicilline, X-rays, microwave, inkjet printer, post it notes, potatoes chips… and so many others that passed from being mistakes to become revolutionary things.

Don’t be afraid to start your journey, less if what’s stopping you is other’s opinion. If your relatives and friends care that much about you they will support and encourage you in the adventure; even if they disagree they will tell you keep going, even if they criticize they will do it in a constructive way and that might help you in your growing; a person that will just judge and pull you down it’s not worthy to be listen. You don’t need that negativity in your life.

Weaknesses. Fearing the change, giving importance to what people say over what you think is correct, to minimize your capabilities and value, to be scared of being judged if you fail; those are just weaknesses.Face them!

What are you waiting for? Trust on yourself! Move forward without fearing to be wrong!

Don’t limit yourself just to pass thru, live!

looking in

Art from this Young and talented artist.

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