”Summer nightmare”

So the summer is here!

Basically you realize that till now you don’t lose that weight you wanted and that there are many goals you have not achieve, yet you try to cheat yourself. ”Well I really can reassess those goals so I can enjoy this summer plenty”. And that’s what you do. After all, you did wait an entire year for it. Happiness, joy, beach, travelling; summer and good things are synonyms. But, there’s always a ”but” in any summer story.

You went for that afternoon ride with all you family. Kids always want the most weird things, and as you are enjoying the season with them why not to try that mouth watering burrito from the food truck. Well the truck was needing some painting and organization, you told the guy that some gloves to hold the food would be great but, those were simple details, food was tasty, totally worth it. Now more riding bicycle. Walking in the park. Buying funny hats and balloons for children. Memories pics. Videos. Your own inner kid jiggling of happiness. Back to home happy even tho tired, and a weird sound from your belly but, when you get right down to it, with all that unusual activity, of course your body will have odd reactions. Shower. Kids on bed. You are also on bed. ”Good night honey”.

Midnight is here. All started with an urgency. ”Why am I alone, why this empty bed?” You got up. That aisle in the house was never so long! You hurry your steps a bit, not that much because by now the contraction of all your muscles is the only thing saving you from the inevitable disaster. Almost there. The light at the end of the tunnel, I mean the corridor, looks like a very comfortable warm hand in your back. You made it. It’s done. Soon you will get the desirable relief.

Wait, what’s that shadow that is getting bigger while you approach to the longed door? One new scream coming from your belly and that oppressing sensation in your neck made you bend down. But what is that?!, trying to erase your blurred vision using a hand for wipe your eyes. Rising your head in one last effort and now is a well defined silhouette. Another human being. Two indeed. What? Why? One of them raised an arm, knocking on that gate to paradise, screaming, desperately.

”Hurry up sister please! Dad is downstairs for half hour now and I can’t wait for longer!”.

Now, after this image in front of you is clear, you did lose all hope so you relax your body and abandoned yourself to your despicable desire. That was all!

Next morning you have 3 conclusions :

”One: three bathrooms is not the worst investment somebody might do, I thought wrong before.

Two: baby’s potty! Buy and storage for next summer.

Three: no more burritos or anything from any suspicious food truck!”

Your husband is more wise and said ”Sure honey, at least for the rest of this summer. I mean, do you even remember you said the same after last year’s hot tamales and stomach flu?”

You continue being reflexive: ”Conclusion number 4: Every summer’s joy comes with bad memory regarding last summer’s bad events too.”

Adolescents are evil: ”Mom. Is all the over-thinking coming after someone do poop in the pants at midnight or …?”

”Conclusion number 5: Certain events require no discussion or a cut in this month’s allowance will apply”

The whole family laughing while drinking rehydration salts; could have been a beautiful and funny picture among this summer memories too.

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