Living alone abroad

“Living alone abroad: Manual to keep your body healthy 101”

There are clear signals that prove you are treating your body very wrong way.

For me it was just a sudden blurred vision that got me scared, till I did a check up and nothing was wrong with my sight. But it might be that you are feeling tired and angry without doing anything. Sometimes getting dry eyes sensation. Non moisturized skin and itching without pimples or any lesion. Persistent headaches. Apathy. Muscle pain or cramps in absence of physical activity. Lack of sweat, dry mouth, high skin temperature, dark few urine, occasional dizziness, abdominal pain …

You feel that there’s something wrong, but doctors say all is functioning normally. And they conclude that you might be stressed out or need a detoxing  treatment.

DETOXING!! Is all over the media nowadays.

I call it “the cleansing plague”. Marvellous juices, smoothies, whole grain bars, detoxing teas… We want the miracle answers that keep our body away from all the waste that might lead to different deseases or disorders in our organs functioning.

But what if I tell you that sometimes is just about back to the essentials.

What do you need to survive, to feel ok, to live?

Food? Air? Those for sure! Romantic kind of people will say love. Some others will say Internet, I know you guys! But in this case, the holy secret is nothing more than SIMPLE WATER.

Water will help you keep hydrated enough so your whole body may function properly. There’s an specific need of this liquid regarding our age, sex, physical constitution, health condition and even on the climate we are living on. But most of the time we can monitor that, of course, by our thirsty and by observing our urine colour and frequency (must be clear transparent or mild yellow; not dark, not few amount and definitely not deeply smelly ).

General medical recommendations are to drink about 2L water/ day plus other fluids( juices, fruits, tea, coffee… ). And for cleansing your body the intake must start in the early morning; then, 30 min before meals to help accelerate your metabolism and burn the calories you eat, even though  you should drink according your thirsty.

So, to be sure we are helping our body to get rid of all the waste from the lack of physical activity and our not healthy diet, or even what is coming from the air we breath or thru our skin, the first step is activating your natural ways to eliminate that garbage,which are mainly  urine, sweat, breathing and stools. All of them need water to function properly. After all we are made of at about 60% fluids.

Here is a detoxing plan.

It’s so easy and no extra money to invest!

  • Drink water at about 2L/ day, starting when you wake up, and try to not retain urine more than 4 hours.
  • Create the habit to move stools daily( I know some people can do it more than once with normal depositions and is not necessarily a problem).
  • Practice to breathe consciously using your abdominal muscles for 1 minute, two or three times daily, to boost your respiratory system.
  • Start a physical activity plan. May be a relaxing walking of half hour with previous warm up, and then increase the time.
  • Balance your diet. You need all the nutritional groups unless there is a medical contraindication.
  • Rest the necessary amount of hours.

If you are facing one or some of the problems I mentioned in the beginning, start by these basic steps. You will notice the improvement in your body almost immediately.  Then try those infused waters or any other magical solutions that fitness gurus recommend, which must of the time are harmless. Of course if you don’t improve go for a fast general check up, as I always say, once per year. That’s the only body you have, and if you don’t take care of it now, for sure you will regret tomorrow; because regarding health issues, the clock could be your worst enemy as all you leave neglected now, with the pass of time will get worse or will be irreparable.



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