“Up and down”

Friends, do you find medical language difficult to understand most of the time?

Well don’t feel sad, even for us doctors it is a hard thing sometimes; that’s the reason why we try to avoid using it when talking to our patients, and when is inevitable at least we must explain better to them what’s all about.

But in our days, with all this technology of the information and Internet thing (which have me lost sometimes) there are words that we think everybody understand, and we take those for granted.

Like that time when I told my long time known patient, after a consultation: “There is nothing to worry about if you follow my recommendations. You need also these ovules every night and come back in 7 days to see how are you then”.
After that time she got into my clinic with a tired no pleasant face.
-“Aren’t you feeling at least a bit better?”
-“Yes doc, a bit, but is my stomach what sores now. These pills are huge and so rough that I can barely swallow them”
-“But honey, let me see, I don’t remember to prescribe any pills for your simple vaginal problem”. Her reaction of confusion and a bit of anger was immediate.
-” Of course you did! These pills doc! See?!”
Oh! Help me my dear Hippocrates!
She was taking the vaginal ovules as if those were pills!!
-” My honey I think you have mistaken the hole you should use to put those inside your body. You will see- and I pointed into it- the correct entrance is a bit more down than your mouth! ”
We both started laughing!
-“Well doc, at least my husband even if it was having vacations from his “spouse duties” was receiving clean kisses as a reward then!”

Thanks God there was no major complications!

Friends, moral of the story, is your right to demand an explanation of everything that doctors prescribe for you. Is part of our job to tell you and to help you get better for real without having confusions about if a pill goes in from up or from down.

There you got it!

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