Seats of waiting rooms are not comfortable.

That is a real fact, especially in health centres. No matter how fancy, or expensive, or old and not good looking the place is, in the waiting room of a clinic, you will never be comfortable. If it’s not too small, could be very cold, or even in lines with no space for feet; it might be modern and sophisticated but then not too wide and you will slip off constantly or your back will have no rest. Like if they are not trying to be welcoming, saying “hey, don’t get used to, this is just a fast passing by”.

But, honestly, we will always want to take a rest so that man’s attitude was unusual. In our job there are days when we face even continued emergencies or one inconvenient after the other; due to that we have to be walking from the clinic to the ER room or other departments many times. That day, one of those busy ones, every time I came out responding to an urgency room call, He was in the middle of the aisle with a face of deep concern.

“Take a seat Sir, we will call you as soon as we can”. I told him many times there were empty spaces. “Please don’t be in the the way as the place is small and nurses and I have to be moving around”. Answering with a nice smile and constantly correcting the unpolluted neck of his white shirt, but still standing, He waited for his time of be attended to arrive during more than 40 minutes.

When He got inside my clinic and politely said good morning again I swear I was just trying to empathize, I didn’t knew, that is why I did drop my joke: “Please Sir, I know that our chairs out there are uncomfortable but this one is very good, take a sit”. He seemed more in a predicament and nervously said “Well I… that’s precisely the problem Doctor, I can’t do it, I have a terrible pain that doesn’t allow me to rest seated”.

Dears, If you are young colleagues, take my advice: never, but under any circumstance assume anything without having all the information, and that goes for every other aspect of life too. I fell in that error and said “Ok, show me where is your back pain” and that gentleman replays “Well no Doc, my pain is a bit lower and definitely more internal”. Oh! What a mistake my dear Hippocrates!.

“I swear to you doctor I don’t play in that area, but I must say I have a problem since childhood for moving stools, and from time to time I bleed when in the bathroom. But now it really sores!” He was ashamed and I, well I was fooled by my first impression thinking about a lumbar pain, but thanks God I could react rapidly! “No my friend, you don’t need to be playing around that area to have a problem there, actually is very common, also for men, so nothing to be embarrassed for”.Making his clinical history was easy. For the examination part, well that was another story!!

Please men, one advise (valid for women too) when you go to a health institution, you are not gonna see a man or a woman, but a Doctor; and doctors are not gonna be “looking at you” or “touching you”, they are gonna be “making a physical examination” to help you with your problem. See it from that point of view, and you will be more relax so your physician will help you better; even if your problem get you standing in a clinic waiting room, because you are not being capable of sitting properly.

A bit of medical tips (I can’t avoid it):

The most common causes of rectal pain are anal fissures, hemorrhoids, minor injuries and traumas, local infections, constipation or persistent diarrhoea. Cancer is a rare cause. Besides the pain, there might be a bleeding of different proportions, pressure or sensation of something pushing to come out. In all cases an examination is a must. To avoid the main causes protect all your digestive tract: drink enough water, eat fruits and vegetables daily in an adequate amount, avoid extremes in food like excess of spicy or salt, or even too greasy cause constant diarrhea could damage your intestine cover as well; avoid smoking and alcohol intake, practice exercises, eat a healthy diet in general, go for your annual health check up.

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