Life chat

Life chat : “Frustration should not beat us”

Oh yes, you failed! You are feeling bad!

Now, if you want a change move into another direction, do something for your own happiness!

I mean, God gave you health and strength, what else do you want him to provide? Just go and build your happiness! Go fixing the things in your life that are not right due to the decisions that you and only you persistently made.

Change your current status!

Try new things that could straighten your path.
It’s not just sitting and praying, pray and act because God already gave you the tools to build your ride.

Don’t try it!.. Stop trying it!.. Do it!

Sometimes we just say .. ” I’m really trying”… but truth is we are scared to loose the cords that tie us to our past. We are scared to let go and to get out of our comfort zone where we are unhappy but safe; not better, but also not worst.

Take risks! Change for real!

It will be tough but the results totally worth it. And if it goes wrong, get up again and keep going. Humanity is already old, you are not the first one facing that problem whatever it is, and continuing with your life anyway. You might fail once or twice or more, but you will learn enough to finally succeed if that’s your purpose.

And It’s very addictive the feeling of sorrow and self compassion. So is victimizing ourselves. And it’s indeed comfortable.

“Oh I’m suffering and I can’t do this… someone did hurt me and I can’t trust nor to make commitments anymore”. Those are no reasons! Those are perfect excuses for don’t to take actions, really! Perfect indeed but think: what do you obtain of that? How does it help in your life? How do you feel about yourself crying in your corner? Living like a coward, scared of your own life, blaming the universe for your own mistakes; not taking risks or not living for real, that’s always more sad and useless than failing in the attempt….

You may think I’m just another crazy woman worried about her baby, her career and then nail polish and high heels shoes and cooking but, despite of that, maybe I am right. Because there is one thing I know and I agree with: we feel sadness as a result of events, but suffering is a decision . You can face sadness at any moment because bad things happen, but to keep walking around those events or stick to the pain and not let go is your decision.

Those are my thoughts, but as I like to say: “think about it and act, or think about it and forget,or don’t consider it at all. Never live your life thru other’s point of view, not even mine; because I might be crazy or I could be wrong, or both!

You are the owner of your own path and the master of your own truth. 😘

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