Life chat

Life chat: “Doc, Should I forgive or forget?”

“Choosing to go ahead and get rid of what caused us pain is a wise decision, but from the good memories we can not get rid of easily. There are certain things unforgivable but there are others unforgettable despite of our anger and determination. That disjunctive brings us stress, insomnia, sickness… Because those unforgivable things kill feelings, it is true; but memories of the good and honest things and the light of the precious moments always prevail”. D..

Relationships are always complicated or we make them like that. Our first impulse when someone comes to us for advice in this particular is to step away. I mean, we all know that finally the person will do whatever and will blame whoever advised him for the results of his own decision. So you tell your friends: “No!, don’t come to me again with the same🤬 ’cause you will do your mess; so let’s eat and don’t bother me you crazy!” Then they will tell you the story anyway! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

But seriously, when is a patient who comes to you, stressed out due to a malfunctioning relationship you can’t just kick them away or eat chocolate ice cream together. Because they are there telling their darkest things to a complete stranger after they trust on you or they are desperate enough to do it.

Stress related diseases are nowadays among us. A person always seeking for medical help is not always physically ill (and not always a psycho, just sometimes). They will come to you one day saying they have this persistent fever to finally start crying asking you “what to do, should I back to trust on him? should I leave him?”

You know is not recommended to mess up with people’s life. Ok, then what would I say? Easy: Just listen! Listen whatever they wanna say! Nowadays we are all too much hurry to hear people around us. Only that. It is for sure helpful even if you don’t give an opinion (and is preferable not to do it), but, once more, TO LISTEN.

Look at your friends. Pay attention to your beloved one’s attitude. They might be needing a minute to talk with you more than a wise advise.

So I just told her seat, breath, tell me how were things before, then tell me how are things now. Then how does it make you feel. Does he knows how you feel because you told him other than shouting? Then what can you do to stop feeling like that, one step after the other…

She felt relief.

None can help a person with his or her existential problems in a few minutes; at least none has a magical solution for this cases. But a comforting hand in the shoulder can make them clear their mind and take a breath so they can go on…

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