“The 30s are here: prepare yourself for that promising future you’ve dream about!”

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So you could say you enjoyed the early youth years; no limits, not thinking about tomorrow…

Everybody deserves to live that! No discussion!

But, there’s a point my friends, when we should start taking the first steps to guarantee our future health with a quality of life and to achieve the goal of being useful in the society we live. That point should certainly be: reaching the 30 and plus years old.

Naturally you can feel it: changes in the way of enjoying things, more responsibilities occupying your mind, less energy than before, less power of recovering than before, more need of a good rest, new and unexpected health problems and complaints, more difficulty to lose the gained weight …

Modern world gives us the power to live more, if we know how to use the information available, to take a good care about ourselves. But I tell you it is…

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Inherited Sarcasm

D Doc's Diary

Oh! kids and their honesty!

Everyone near or related to a child has one or some awkward stories involving him. But is harder when it is starred by your own son, because you find yourself debating between laughing or killing him or eating him, you can not decide; so most of the time, you will end up just kissing him and smiling.

The thing was I have had a huge pregnancy belly that I honestly didn’t do too much to get rid of during the early stages after delivery. So when my baby became 4 years old, I was already on my desirable weight but I found myself in the middle of a struggling to recover my abdomen’s shape (or any shape other than the rounded fluffy mini-ball I used to have by then).

I started a regime of exercises and the first day he saw me, he did a…

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Eat to live: “We are what we eat”.

“You are what you eat” Did you ever hear that?

Well I can certainly agree with that statement in a high percent.

Biologically speaking (but in human language) as we are always changing and repairing our body, replacing the dead cells that expired for new ones, we need materials to do that and we get them from food in the form of nutrients (protein, carbs, vitamins, fats, Calcium, Iron and the rest of chemical elements…) To constantly rebuild from your skin and hair to your muscles, bones, blood, digestive and immune systems, all your body; I’m sure you are gonna want use the best stuff ever. I mean, it’s the only body that you have, right?!

What would happen if we try to make a construction with sand where the waves can reach it? What if we built a house with only cardboards and plastic bags? Well for sure you agree that it’s not a pretty good idea if we wanted it to endure.

So, with our body happens pretty much the same. If you are repairing yourself with the few and low-quality products coming from processing junk food, then you will be sickening yourself.


As simple as: “eating good food, is a guarantee of good health”.

Of course we are more than that. Is a big true that our health-sickness process is determined by biogenetic factors as much as sociopolitical, psychological and environmental variables (big words, but pretty clear); but if you are a human being for sure you have been sick at least once, even mildly, right? So for sure you can recall that one of the first things we doctors recommend to recover the health are related to your dietary regimen. Invariable procedure, because it is a must. From a flu, to Diabetes or any Heart Condition till Cancer; the nutritional indications remain since old times till modern medicine as more than a simple advice, but as part of the therapy.

So important it is, that in cases like for example chronic or metabolic conditions(diabetes, obesity, deficit of proteins like celiac disease…) there is no success of any drug therapy without an adequate diet regimen, and in certain stages a good nutrition is the only required treatment.

Yes, you are what you eat!

Pretty sure that of the health complaints that you have now or the symptoms that you occasionally or recurrently experience, at about the 50% or more will disappear if you eat good quality food in a proper amount. Also if you combine this with a healthy life style in general: boom! You made it to a better life and ensured a healthy aging process!!




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“Mental health: as important as your physical wellness”

One in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. Around 450 million people currently suffer from such conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide.


Nearly two-thirds of people with a known mental disorder never seek help from a health professional. There is stigma, discrimination, misinformation, lack of polices and neglect prevent care and treatment from reaching people with mental disorders. So depression, anxiety, addictions, mood disorders, learning disorders, common and other kinds of  dementia like Alzheimer have been rising their  numbers and the problem is extensive to children and adolescents too…

It’s not me saying this. That’s the most recent report of the World Health Organization, from last October.

I know, you are thinking that statistics are always alarming if you read them coldly but, one in four! It makes me recall all the times I went to my kitchen only to stare at the fridge trying to figure why I was there out.

So if medical systems are not helping enough, neither government polices are, how can we start caring about our own mental health before reaching the level of needing pills and treatments? Do we have the tools?

Of course we do! Even tho there are things that we can not avoid like our genetic information, there are plenty of healthy practices we should start implementing in favour of our brain and psyche and emotional improvement. The goal is to reach that state of absence of mental disorder and presence of well-being.

  • Value, respect, and treat yourself good. Self-esteem they call it. Only a sentence: Love yourself!
  • Surround only of valuable people. Apart the toxic ones. One thing is dealing with everybody in a social environment and another will be bringing anybody to your personal life. Be selective about with whom you hangout because bad energies spread as same as good vibes.
  • Do things for you but also for others. Giving feels good!
  • Set realistic goals but never stop dreaming. Growing is great, and it can’t exist without pushing you to achieve more, whatever the life aspect you wanna mention.
  • Skip the routines and be spontaneous from time to time, that spark of energy will get you out of the numbness.
  • Stay apart from drugs, even the legal ones. About medical therapies: go natural as much as you can. For example I know we are too much hurry but warm fluids and a soup will do better for you during a flu than all those antihistamines. Avoid self medication.
  • Always the healthy life style: taking care of yourself as physically as aesthetically speaking, can improve your mental health. Eat nutritious food. Avoid smoking. Practice sports and exercises. Drink enough water. Sleep well and at adequate times. Get hobbies. Go for healthy recreative options of your preference. Rest from work with a proper frequency.
  • Do not forget the organic part, protect your brain. Practice mental exercises, try to memorize something from time to time like a poem or a song. Care about your physical health and check annually your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels and all your general state.
  • Seek for help if you feel stress or depress or unable to take a decision or to move on, do not underestimate a power of a conversation; others might see the things better from outside. There’s a solution or at least a relief  for everything except definitive dead.
  • Stress is real: learn to deal with it! Take advantage of the knowledge of a frustrating or failure situation. Relax, meditate, talk to the real inner you, empty your mind from time to time. You are gonna feel kinda weird and laugh about yourself initially, but the results are amazing.
  • There’s no shame on talking with a mental health professional if you notice that things are not going ok. Therapists will never judge you, neither your beloved ones who really care about you will. The judging ones are a “no need in my life” thing.


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“Acknowledgement of receipt: Beginnings of a ‘must-try’ smoking cessation plan”

Tired of those empty attempts to quit smoking?

Do you know for real how strong or weak  your will is?

Did you get enough from burnt clothes and smelly hands or even morning cough and shortness of breath?

Spending too much in dental hygiene?

Well, take a look at this. It is not a miraculous answer or a magic powder. I’m gonna show you the basis of a well-studied therapy but of course involves too much of your determination. After been studying to answer your inquiry, I did select this orientation plan because it is very similar to what we professionals do to help our patients.


The starting line is: DECIDING TO QUIT SMOKING!

So if you are not  convinced strongly enough  to fight your addiction or you are not decided to quit smoking, it won’t work. It is a process where you will first get ready to pass this stage of saying “”yes I want but I’m not sure if I can, and also I like it and I enjoy it”” ; then you will  quit smoking and face the withdrawals of tobacco, to finally work hard to avoid going back to the same or worst situation.

“The good news about smoking is that it doesn’t matter how much you’ve smoked, or how long you have smoked. If you quit now, your body will begin to repair itself and will take care of you even after years of neglect”, a very good article states. Sometimes there are of course irreversible damages or more complicated situations but, in that case, for treating your condition, will be also a big help definitely quit smoking.


Step 1: do not underestimate yourself! It is well-known that pushing us to the limit we can obtain incredible and unexpected results. You can do it! Erase the I can’t stop smoking tattooed in your mind. If you tried before and you did fail, now you know how to do it better. The easiest way is getting motivation. Focus on the reasons why YOU wanna stop smoking and how these reasons are important for YOU, instead of thinking about the justifications that you have for doing it. Yes, YOU are the centre of this procedure. YOU can think about family and friends, that’s nice but the main factor must be YOU!

Step 2: recognize, admit that your problem requires help. It seems to be contradictory after what we say before, but it is not. Smoking is an addiction. There are chemical and hormonal changes in your brain and blood and whole body related to that and you can do nothing about it but; could this affect the duration of the process or the symptoms you are gonna have to fight?: Yes! Can this stop your determination?: No!

Step 3: Seek for help. Do not deceive yourself saying I can stop whenever, because yes you can but it won’t last and it will be more painful. As any addiction you must detoxify yourself first, it is a hard period when anxiety and stress will get over you. My friend, none can pass this period without the adequate and preferably professional support.

Step 4: study your patterns. You need to recognize which are the triggers that make you smoke more, how are your routines that involve smoking as a factor of pleasure or relax because those are your high risk times; in what moments do you stop smoking without even notice it because your mind finds that you are ok or busy or relax and you don’t need it at that time…

Step 5:  equip with “pacifiers”. Anything that help you replace the oral sensation and the hand reflex of smoking, will help you. Sugar-free gum, raw vegetables, seeds and nuts, pen and plastic stick…those will be ok. Electronic cigarettes are NOT RECOMMENDED.

Step 6: talk with your doctor about nicotine replacements like patches and chewing gums and about smoking cessation medication. The physician will tell you when is the moment to start using it, that must be near to the date you pick to stop smoking. Also talk about the signs and symptoms of nicotine detoxifying process and how they will probably develop so you know what to expect. Learning any stress management and relaxation therapy will be a huge help and will mark a difference.

Step 7: pick a date to quit smoking. Inform your friends and relatives that you are in a smoking cessation process so they help you. Give yourself enough time to check all the steps above mentioned and to study about your upcoming path so you prepare yourself for that day.

Step 8: the day before, call friends or relatives if you decide to involve them,  to help you get rid of all the reminders like cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays…

The strategy main point is that the day you picked, you will totally stop smoking. No half cigarette strategy, no cut in the amount, no other thing but to stop definitely.

As the first 2 weeks will be the worst, try to find a distraction, stay busy, make any change in your routines, meditate, talk to yourself to print in your brain the idea that you can because you are strong and you are a fighter that decided to live better without depending on a damaging object for functioning well. Practice to be assertive by saying: ” No thanks, I don’t smoke anymore”, “No, I did choose to stop being a smoker”.

Stay away from smokers during those days, avoid places that could wake your craving for smoking. If you pass those 15 days, you can say you almost made it. Once you pass this chemical cleansing stages, it will be more easy for you to stay in contact with persons and situations that before would certainly make you light on a cigarette.

It’s a worthy plan. Think about it. You did accept to eat better, to do exercise, to learn new things. Why not to stop smoking if you know that this is the common denominator for the majority of your physical problems?

For health. For fitness. For economy. For proving you are not weak. To set you really free. When will you start?




Refer to this article for more info, I found it very descriptive but simple to understand and is very related to the common therapeutic programs for smoking cessation :



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“Weight maintenance: excess is bad, same is the defect”

Obesity have been one of the main health problems since the end of last  millennium.

Alarmed by the overload of information and advertisements spread on every media, we have developed a fitness fever all over the globe.

But sometimes the actions taken are, first, based on not strong reasons and in second place are taken with no proper supervision and with not a right plan of action. Wanting to get immediate results, individuals start any plan that leads several times to a fast weight lose that is easily regained, and in worst cases, to a deprivation of essential nutrients that end up in a malnutrition by default and believe me, it is very hard to recover from it and from the consequent health damage.

To be malnourished is not always  the same as being underweight, in fact the first one has more to do with a deficit or excess of one or several nutrients (vitamins, proteins, minerals, healthy fats…); but most of the time both conditions are concomitants.

There is something called ideal weight, based on your age, biological gender and height. To go below that may result in real complications; beyond the disharmonious appearance that makes us gaining from others the typical comment ” you’ve lost too many pounds, you look sick”.

And it’s not that simple; setting this ideal weight as a goal for you, might depend also on your health condition, or current situation. Let’s say we have two women, same age, same height, healthy, but one of them is trying to get pregnant; nutritionists will consider this aspect important because this last woman is gonna need to keep all the proteins, vitamines and every substance in the highest normal levels because right after she get pregnant it will start the transference of nutrients to the baby and will remain less for her, so the reserves, as same as her weight, shouldn’t be in the lowest limit nor actually low.

There are real risks associated with being underweight or having poor nutrition such as: vitamin deficiencies or anemia,  osteoporosis ,  too little vitamin D and calcium, decreased immune function, increased risk for complications from surgery, fertility issues caused by irregular menstrual cycles, growth and development issues, especially in children and teenagers. These leads to feeling tired or drained of energy, getting sick often or having trouble fighting off illness, experiencing hair thinning or loss, dry skin, or teeth issues…

Balance is the solution:screenshot_20181027-012651_chrome1282868483346841513.jpg

The key for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight isn’t about short-term dietary changes but about a lifestyle that includes healthy eating, regular physical activity, and balancing these with the number of calories you consume vs the number of calories your body uses. This is an investment for your future. Aging with a healthy body as a base, is a guarantee.

So yes, fighting obesity and achieving an ideal weight is perfect, but to reach this point is not worthy to skip a healthy and complete nutrition replacing it for magic express formulas which results will not endure.  Doing that, we will change the overweight epidemic for a similarly bad  problem that would be a reemerged generalized vitamines and nutrients deficiencies and its consequences for our mental, emotional and physical health; plus the social repercussion of living in a predominantly sick society.


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Life chat: “Truly you”

Nothing reinforces the idea of what you really wanna accomplish, more than the vision of what you definitely don’t want do.

Experimenting failure or watching yourself implementing something totally opposite of what you truly desire, will always mark a turning point in your life.

What am I doing here? Where did I lose myself? Why am I killing my illusions and hopes this way? How did I become this person that hates his own essence? How am I being able to transgress all what I always understood as  productive to my personal growing? This is not me. This is what others expect but it’s just an imitation of life what I’m living. I’m dry and unmotivated…

Whenever we start questioning our status and not even being able to stand who we are, or how we look, or the way we act in front of others; we will definitely reassess our goals then start taking the necessary actions to fill our expectations. Acceptance is the key: Accept, understand, process and move on.

That’s the moment when you start taking high risks while in your 180 degrees turning journey; but you seem happy and you shine, even if people doesn’t understand you. And it doesn’t matter because in the end those who truly love you will be there standing by your side, even if they disagree with you, and you will attract only quality people into your circle; it will be a nice way to get rid of negative toxic persons pulling you back and trying to turn you down.

It will be your life,  following the direction that is gonna help you pursuit your goals. Not thinking about if others will consider you good or enough , and not asking for the world’s approval. You will love and take more care of yourself after recognize that you have to be healthy to fulfil whatever you want, so you will work for it. Then feeling good will make you wanna look good too. It is a win-win investment.

That’s the power earned by taking the decision of truly living, of standing for what you are or whatever you honestly want, of strengthening your faith and self-confidence.  You will stop justifying yourself, not feeling the need to impress others or of giving excuses and apologizing for everything, or the craving for recognition, which are very exhausting practices. You’re gonna have energy to start giving the maximum if you think that’s a worthy cause. The results after every single thing you do, will be an expression of who you are. A totally satisfying sensation!


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Acknowledgment of receipt: “Abstract”

Re-educating ourselves to be more healthy is a long-term process…

There are many tips we can give to our friends trying to get fit, or wanting to regain a healthy shape, despite of the fact that a consultation with a General Doctor or even better a Nutrition Specialist, previous to start any diet or exercise regimen must be done. This would be the first step!…

Another thing that I always advice is to choose and setting your objectives. As we know, it is ok to count your weight loss, but for measuring your evolution, do not forget to focus on your body signs; on how your breathing is improving; on your Blood Pressure and Heart rate before and after exercise recovery; on how your joints are gaining elasticity and mobility … Those are the facts that will give you the expression of how your health is improving. Are you losing weight? Great! That’s part of the process too! But your health is the final line, not only your size. Remember that, because it is normal that at any point of your way, the weight loss will relent, slow down, or even stop for a short period; you should not feel frustrated because of that. It’s part of the process.

So yes, an important matter is not focusing on the weight loss, as that will make you anxious and rebel against the plan if you don’t notice significant changes in the weight scale. Think about it like you are starting a path to your health, make it a life time thing. Internalize that you are starting to be healthy, not only thinner. The weight loss is part of it, and you are truly gonna feel rewarded when you see that the waist of your trousers is not trying to kill you by choking you anymore; but more when your joints stop hurting and making sounds and specially when you don’t feel shortness of breath climbing a stair or running or following your faster mates steps …

Some friends did ask about the benefits of Sauna and for how long they should take it. Is not gonna make you lose more of the weight per se, as the lost is in water and you recover it after drinking; but detoxifying your body, providing relaxation and comfort are some worthy qualities. Normally you can go for it if you have no acute diseases. Results are an increase in the blood flow and heart rate, also a lower blood pressure. Saunas eases aches and pains associated with weight loss training, helping you get back into the gym the next day; it can be used before training as a preparation of muscles or after. A duration of 10-15 minutes Sauna with a previous adequate fluids intake is ok (if no kidneys problem and environmental temperature bellow 37°C, the minimum recommended is 2  Liters just water+ adding juices or detoxify teas+ liquid in the food for good hydration). Older adults and people with chronic conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, and heart failure, or those who are pregnant, are at a higher risk of becoming dehydrated, so it is better to avoid it on these cases…

Remember to move stools daily and do not retain urine more than 4 hours to detoxify your body and protect your kidneys. Drink enough water and fluids daily to keep your entire organism working properly….

Do not forget your recovery day!!!!!! It is also important as your body needs that to readjust the chemicals and hormones in between the exercising days…

You can buy and use any essential oils natural massage lotion for example, your skin will say thanks, as it will help you to keep elasticity and firming while you are in your losing weight period…

Your body hygiene is something you should care about. Keeping your skin clean will avoid you of getting infections due to closed pores, also will contribute to an adequate sweating during exercise to expel all the garbage substances out. Use clothes with model, colour and texture according to the weather, the occasion and of course adequate to your size. Very tight clothes interfere with a good blood circulation…

For meals take a regular flat dish and divide it in 4 in your mind, then apply the serving scheme: half dish for veggies and fruits, + 1/4 proteins + 1/4 grains, add dairy for a good Calcium intake. You can always study and learn to recognize the groups of food; which carbs are the good ones, which are the healthy fats, why all dietitians recommend whole grains…

You shouldn’t eat like a bird, specially if you are exercising. Replacing the rice with a small portion of Quinoa/ cauliflower rice/broccoli rice/ couscous, could be an alternative. You need energy, and balanced is proven to be better than restrictive! Leave restrictions for those having a health condition that requires it…

Consistent, moderate healthy habits are key to losing weight or to keep your body healthy. All must be done step by step, like one change at a time to let your mind get used to the process, not forcing anything to avoid subconscious rejection. Try your best to avoid extremes and quick fixes and magic formulas, as they’re usually either not healthy, not sustainable for a long-term or most of the time a fraud…



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