Life chat: “sweeping toxic relationships and boosting your self-esteem”.

Loving yourself is more a way of living than a slogan. There is an indissoluble circle that connect self-esteem with well-being and mental health. Cleaning your life of all the bad things you don't need is a good way of self-appreciation. Surround yourself only of valuable positive people. Apart the toxic ones! As humans who live… Continue reading Life chat: “sweeping toxic relationships and boosting your self-esteem”.

“The 30s are here: prepare yourself for that promising future you’ve dream about!”

D Doc's Diary

So you could say you enjoyed the early youth years; no limits, not thinking about tomorrow…

Everybody deserves to live that! No discussion!

But, there’s a point my friends, when we should start taking the first steps to guarantee our future health with a quality of life and to achieve the goal of being useful in the society we live. That point should certainly be: reaching the 30 and plus years old.

Naturally you can feel it: changes in the way of enjoying things, more responsibilities occupying your mind, less energy than before, less power of recovering than before, more need of a good rest, new and unexpected health problems and complaints, more difficulty to lose the gained weight …

Modern world gives us the power to live more, if we know how to use the information available, to take a good care about ourselves. But I tell you it is…

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Inherited Sarcasm

D Doc's Diary

Oh! kids and their honesty!

Everyone near or related to a child has one or some awkward stories involving him. But is harder when it is starred by your own son, because you find yourself debating between laughing or killing him or eating him, you can not decide; so most of the time, you will end up just kissing him and smiling.

The thing was I have had a huge pregnancy belly that I honestly didn’t do too much to get rid of during the early stages after delivery. So when my baby became 4 years old, I was already on my desirable weight but I found myself in the middle of a struggling to recover my abdomen’s shape (or any shape other than the rounded fluffy mini-ball I used to have by then).

I started a regime of exercises and the first day he saw me, he did a…

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Eat to live: “We are what we eat”.

"You are what you eat" Did you ever hear that? Well I can certainly agree with that statement in a high percent. Biologically speaking (but in human language) as we are always changing and repairing our body, replacing the dead cells that expired for new ones, we need materials to do that and we get them… Continue reading Eat to live: “We are what we eat”.

“Mental health: as important as your physical wellness”

One in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. Around 450 million people currently suffer from such conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide. Nearly two-thirds of people with a known mental disorder never seek help from… Continue reading “Mental health: as important as your physical wellness”

“Acknowledgement of receipt: Beginnings of a ‘must-try’ smoking cessation plan”

Tired of those empty attempts to quit smoking? Do you know for real how strong or weak  your will is? Did you get enough from burnt clothes and smelly hands or even morning cough and shortness of breath? Spending too much in dental hygiene? Well, take a look at this. It is not a miraculous… Continue reading “Acknowledgement of receipt: Beginnings of a ‘must-try’ smoking cessation plan”

“Weight maintenance: excess is bad, same is the defect”

Obesity have been one of the main health problems since the end of last  millennium. Alarmed by the overload of information and advertisements spread on every media, we have developed a fitness fever all over the globe. But sometimes the actions taken are, first, based on not strong reasons and in second place are taken… Continue reading “Weight maintenance: excess is bad, same is the defect”

Life chat: “Truly you”

Nothing reinforces the idea of what you really wanna accomplish, more than the vision of what you definitely don't want do. Experimenting failure or watching yourself implementing something totally opposite of what you truly desire, will always mark a turning point in your life. What am I doing here? Where did I lose myself? Why… Continue reading Life chat: “Truly you”